Saturday, 2 April 2011

Theres no point trying to watch Robot Chicken online in this house...

Mum: 'TURN IT DOWN! Its making me feel sick! Sick I tell you! Bleh bleh!!!'

Me: 'Such a child - go to your room!'

Ordering Chinese is a confusing business

Mum: 'You CANT get that again - you always get chicken fried leopards, every time we get chinese you get that!'

Me: '... Did you... did you just say leopards?? Or are we just skipping over that? .... Do you... mean... rice, mum?'

Mum: 'Ohh, well I always call it that'

Me: 'I.... no. No you really dont.'

Mum: 'Oh well!  Get something different!'


My mum trying to do up a bracelet

'Oh its okay, I can still do it... just gotta get it on a stiffy bit... a stiffy... bit... hehehe'

.... *sigh*

Friday, 4 February 2011

When trying to show my mum things on the internet

Me "You know this is taking a lot longer because you keep looking at the tv right?'
Mum "I cant help it, i'm trying to watch a card game!"
Me "... Your watching animal planet mum.....'

Monday, 10 January 2011

My dad wasn't feeling great today...

'Why do you have to cough like that? You look ridiculous - I don't know what I hate more - your coughing or your snoring - or your breathing, I hate the way you breathe'